iPhone 12, form vs function

With the impending release of the iPhone 12 Mini it’s got me thinking about form vs function?

With the iPhone X onwards I’ve never really been that comfortable with the size increase from the 7. For me the 7 was the perfect sized iPhone. But, I love having the best camera I can get on the iPhone each year, but this isn’t going to be happening for me going forward.

For me the choices this year are

  • Stick with the 11 Pro. I keep the 2x zoom but left with a larger phone than I want
  • Move to the Mini and lose the 2x but gain a more comfortable form factor
  • Get a Max but know I’ll be suffering with RSI issues

Do you prefer to have the best spec or the most comfortable iPhone to live with?

I’ll most probably stick with my 11 Pro, the camera is still great and I’ll keep missing the smaller form factor but I’ll be saving money. I’ll most probably try to get my hands on a Mini to see what’s it’s like and if it’s a revolution for me I’ll switch and live without the zoom camera.

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