The iPhone 12 Mini is the most interesting iPhone

The iPhone 7 was and still is one of my favourite iPhone’s. It was light, felt great in jet black and felt like the ultimate representation of iPhone to me.

The new iPhone 12 Mini may have that beat and I’m really pleased to see it in the line up, here’s why.

A new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was another iconic and comfortable to hold onto iPhone (without a case). I feel like the new Mini is going to feel the same way. It’s smaller and lighter than the current SE and with it’s boxed sides it’ll be easier to hold onto than these curved edges we have now that make them like a bar of soap.

A phone you want to use without a case

I really don’t like cases, the only one I’ve been liking is the yellow Apple Leather on my 11 Pro but I prefer the naked look as Apple intended. I’d never really used a case before the iPhone 6 style came into the line up where the sides made it hard to hold onto. I want to try a Mini with no case and see how I get on. I’m hoping it’ll bring me back to those iPhone 5 days.

The SE we wanted

The 5/SE has been a fan favourite and I think the Mini is what a lot of SE fans wanted the SE 2020 to be, not a repurposed 8.

Lack of TouchID

I was hoping for TouchID in the power button as per the iPad Air but I think we’ll get that next year now. I have my gripes with FaceID but I don’t think it’ll be a showstopper for me here.

£100 less

The Mini is £100 less than the standard 12, that’s not insignificant. Although it starts at 64GB not 128GB I think that £749 for a 128GB isn’t too bad. Yes, you can get better specs on Android for the money but not this form factor.

My thinking on updating

My thinking is that I’ll potentially be trading in the 11 Pro and paying maybe £50 to get the Mini. For me it’ll depend on

  • Can I live without the 2x zoom
  • What’s it like to type on

I’ll need to get one in my hands and test it as I can see these two stopping me moving to the smaller form factor. I’ve set aside some money from recent eBay selling to look at a phone but as I said earlier we’ll need to wait for reviews to decide this one.

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