iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro

I’m currently on an iPhone 11 Pro and when looking at the comparison sheets I’m not seeing a real difference that would make you feel compelled to upgrade. Now there is a difference to the 12 Pro Max but we’re talking the standard pro.


Still no high fresh rate screen (come on Apple) but it’s a little bigger. 6.1″ vs 5.8″, which in real world use isn’t much at all. Wouldn’t upgrade for this.


Similar, although I’m seeing reports the 12 Pro is less than 11 Pro. In real world they will be the same.


There are some changes here with better low light and night mode selfies, not going to drastically improve your life. The zoom is the same. I think in real world the lower aperture isn’t going to make a massive difference but you’ll need to wait for testing.


Don’t upgrade at all for this. It’ll benefit the camera, which I’ve already mentioned above but as someone that already has this on an iPad AR isn’t compelling yet.


This is a marketing ploy at this point. You don’t need 5G yet and it’s not even rolling out across all countries, no need to upgrade for this.

Should you upgrade?

If you’re on an 11 Pro I think the answer is no. Unless the reviews tell us otherwise then don’t feel the need to upgrade from your still great iPhone 11 Pro.

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