It’s ok to mute or unfollow people on Twitter to help your mental health

In these times there’s a lot of negativity or content you just don’t want to see or be reminded of. This is just a little reminder that’s it’s fine to mute or unfollow people for posting stuff you don’t want to see. I cannot use the official app as it’s mute options are fiddly so I use Tweetbot. Using Tweetbot lets you quickly mute people for certain periods or unfollow, this makes it easy for me to control what I see to help my mental health.

I’m not in a particularly great place at the moment and I’ve been pretty heavy handed with muting. I’ll tend to mute for a period of a week when I see something I don’t want. I can also mute certain keywords or hashtags really easily too.

If you want to mute or unfollow me too that’s fine, if I bring you down then please do it. Think of your own wellbeing and do what’s right for you, only you know this.

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