Excited for a smaller iPhone 12

All the rumours seem to point to a 5.4″ FaceID enabled iPhone 12 Mini (I don’t think it’ll be called mini) this year and it’s the one I’m most excited to see. I still really miss being able to use an iPhone SE or iPhone 7 sized device and with me using an iPhone 11 Pro now I’m excited to see how this new form factor looks, the camera capabilities and weight of it.

With some eBay money and trading in my 11 I should be ok getting the 5.4″ this year if it is indeed around £699.

I have no interest in going larger to the 6.1″ and even the 11 Pro I use now is too big for me, the main reason I don’t use a case.

A smaller, squarer, lighter iPhone might be the way to go for me this year, that’s if the rumours turn out to be true.

Which sized iPhone are you looking forward to?

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