2020 iPad Pro, four months later

I picked up the 2020 iPad Pro (11″, 256GB) back in June and thought I’d write up an update with how I’m getting on with it.

As my main computer it’s been great, I’ve got both the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard and I now have the ultimate setup in terms of flexibility. If I want to use it as a traditional laptop I just use the keyboard and trackpad. If I need to take some notes or want to doodle, I just undock and use the pencil. If I want to lie back I just use it as a tablet.

I also invested in a good matte screen protector this time around and that’s been really nice to use. I went for the Moshi iVisor.

In terms of day to day use

  • Watching video
  • Making notes with Apple Pencil
  • Job hunting using browser and apps
  • General web use
  • Listening to music
  • My writing here on the blog via the WordPress app

I’m not really pushing it in terms of CPU as I’m not doing any creative projects right now as I’m focusing on getting a new job. But, when I have done some it’s been easy to do.

I’m planning on some music recording via my guitar interface and on testing it’s been good. USB-C straight from the interface into the iPad and use of GarageBand. (I really want Logic Pro on iPad).

I’ve also used a dock and plugged it into a big monitor via USB-C. This works ok but the borders on either side of the content just stops me from using it.

Overall I’m really pleased with the 2020 iPad Pro. My gripe of FaceID on iPhone has become a love of it on the iPad and it seems seem suited to the tablet then the iPhone at this point. The iPad Air might be a better fit depending on your use case, for me I don’t regret having a pro at all the high refresh screen is worth it alone in my opinion.

The magic keyboard material is bad, that’s my only negative on this setup. It picks up everything and is already looking frayed in places. I’m not sure of the long term life of that product, I’ll write up a separate post on this one.


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