The best free to do app on iPhone and iPad

I’ve been messing around with a lot of To Do apps over the last couple of months, trying to figure out which is the best app or service to use when managing a budget on what you can spend on a subscription or app. I tried built in system apps and apps that offered a free tier like Todoist.

What I’ve found is that with every free or built in app there are compromises and the question is, what ones can you live with?

For me I want

  • To be notified when items are due
  • Have a free today view where I can enter items without worrying about adding a specific time
  • Have the ability to add web links or notes
  • Adhere to the system font size settings
  • Good iPad support
  • An iOS 14 widget
  • Reliable sync

In my testing over this period I’ve found that APPLE REMINDERS is the best free app on iOS to manage your day.

The only place where Reminders lets itself down is with it’s iPad support from my list above. I use the Magic keyboard most of the time and it’s annoying (not a deal breaker given my £0 budget) that it doesn’t support the trackpad. You can’t right click to have options on items, it’s a slower process to enter and manage your items but if you can live with it then you’ll be good on Reminders.

It’s straight forward to use, sync across devices is the best I tested and the iOS 14 widget is really good.

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