A week with the Eero

We’ve been using our new Eero 3 pack this week and I thought I’d share how it’s gone.

I’ve already shared how easy it was to get set up. I have one on each floor of our townhouse and with the exception of the PS4, iMac and Apple TV everything else on the network is connected wirelessly.

I’ve got BT Infinity Fibre coming into the house for reference. The BT Router is plugged into the first Eero in the office and all of the other Eero are extenders.

I usually have poor signal in the kitchen and in the back bedrooms of the house. We also experience half the promised bandwidth in anything other than the bottom floor of the house. I also have to restart the BT Router at least twice a week.

I’m pleased to report that in this first week

  • I haven’t restarted the BT Router once
  • I have full speed (the same as the office) in the entire house
  • There’s nowhere in the house now I can’t get great fast WiFi
  • The PS4 is behaving much better and never drops me out of PSN online
  • I’m getting better 4K HDR quality on the Apple TV

In short I’m very pleased. I’m now able to work from any location in the house (and garden) and like I said, it’s been super reliable.

I can’t recommend Eero highly enough (this isn’t a sponsored post!).

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