Don’t buy an iPhone 12, just get your battery replaced instead

I’m doing my best to both look after my finances and be a bit kinder to the environment so with the impending iPhone 12 it’s time to remember that your current phone is most probably fine. Unless you’re on the iPhone upgrade program then you can most likely sit this one out. The rumours are looking like it’ll be the same as the 11 models mostly in terms of camera and FaceID but will come in a few different sizes and the design will be squared off on the sides. This’ll be nice if you don’t like cases but does it justify £700-£1300 spend in 2020?

Another alternative is to breathe some new life into your existing device by replacing your battery.

Head into settings, battery then battery health.

This’ll show you the age of your battery I.e. what’s the max it can charge to now. Mines been recently replaced due to warranty issue so you can see I’m at 100%. If your 80% or lower then I’d recommend you changing out the battery.

The only safe way to do this in my opinion (unless you know what you’re doing) is to get Apple to change it for you. The prices are very reasonable, here’s the link.

Battery and camera and the main reasons to upgrade and you can cut one of those off now with a replacement.

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