Apple adds fuel to its anticompetitive behaviour (and looks to be going big on audio)


With Apple removing third party products it’s added fuel to the fire of it’s anticompetitive behaviour but also shows that we can expect some over the ear headphones and maybe a HomePod update soon.

Personally I think over the ear would be good but the HomePod isn’t a competitive product. I really like mine for the sound but it’s too expensive and Siri isn’t great. A cheaper “mini” would be interesting but you know it’ll be at least £200. I don’t see how the HomePod remains a product in its current form but if they could bring a great sounding smaller one out for £100-£150 and significantly improve Siri then they may make some money but based on what I see around me, they’ve already lost to Amazon.

For me the over the ear is the most important one, that’ll be very hard for me as someone that loves music to resist. But, in these economically uncertain times launching a £400 (my best guess) pair of headphones isn’t the greatest timing but who could have predicted 2020.

Expect invites for an event today or tomorrow.

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