Switching from Apple Music to Amazon Music Unlimited

I’ve made quite a few positive changes to my month outgoings and the main one was dropping Apple Music. At £14.99 or even £9.99 for a single subscription it’s too much for me to carry just now. I looked at alternatives and have moved onto Amazon Music Unlimited. I got a great deal at 99p for 4 months of use. This saves me a good chunk of cash monthly and now I’ve been using it I haven’t given up any functionality.

The only thing I’ve lost is the ability to control Apple Music from my HomePod but who cares. We hardly use it and I airplay to them anyway.

Downloading songs locally has been more reliable and quicker than using Apple Music and the UI is intuitive and been really reliable.

I have access to the same music and I’ve not had any problems with it all all.

On desktop you access via the browser rather than the Mac Music app but that’s not a bad thing (have you used the Music app…).

I have to say this on top of switching to Google photos has really opened my eyes now I’m coming out of the Apple walled garden, there’s some great sometimes better alternatives if you look for them.


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