It’s ok not to have new products the day they come out

I’m digging around for an Xbox preorder a lot and it dawned on me, it’s fine not to have it on day one. In fact it’s probably a good thing. I’m seeing a lot of anxiety around getting a new console on launch and it’ll be the same when the new iPhone comes around. Fear Of Missing Out is totally normal and I suffer with it too but in 2020 I’ve got a new perspective on this having new stuff mentality I’ve had. This year especially when I can’t even fund the blog for much longer I’m sitting out new tech for a while until I get my income sorted with a new job. But in general even if you have a job it’s ok not to have the latest and greatest on day one.

For me it’s also been about being able to talk to you about my thoughts and if you should buy product X or Y on top of just loving gadgets. But as I’ve gotten older I’m more interested in the software than the hardware. Most products these days are more than capable it’s how you use them.

So before you press that preorder have a think if you really need it this year.

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