Why I stopped wearing the Apple Watch?

I’ve been wearing my Apple Watch since it launched but in the last six months I’ve realised that it’s not actually been good for my mental health. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t like uncertainty and likes to dig into data and problem solve so having a wealth of health data I have no idea how to interpret isn’t good for me, I realise that now.

Being constantly aware of what is going on isn’t good for someone like me and not wearing it has helped me deal with the uncertainties of life and generally be a bit more chilled out.

Just getting on with my day without the distractions or need to check has been good for me and I find my mood is better as a result.

When I did wear it I tried my best to get into the activity rings but it just hasn’t clicked for me. I work much better by building simple streaks, so making sure I do a 30 min (timed with my Casio) walk around the town I live in each day. I think that’s why the Nike Fuelband clicked with me so well, it was a much simpler tracker and I still miss it to this day. Unfortunately the rubber had perished and there is no support for it anymore. I’m also getting tired of being nannied throughout the day but to br fair I did turn those notifications off and used it like a traditional watch. (I’m old by the way so your mileage may vary here, some people like the nudge).

Timers and checking the time work much better on my normal watches and I don’t have to charge them everyday. I can choose lots of different designs and especially for a Casio I can own multiple.

I think it comes down to if you are ok just ignoring the background data and getting on with your life then the Apple Watch is probably ok but for me it’s a bit too much and I’m happier without it. As a side effect to stop wearing it I’m also less tied to the Apple ecosystem and more able to make that switch over to test the Pixel should I be able to get a review unit or save enough to test one out.

Here’s a post that resonated with me that’s worth a read and helped me understand wearables a little more.

How do you feel about all of that tracking of your life?


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