Should you buy the Google Pixel 4a 5G?

Awful name aside I’m looking at the £499 Pixel 4a 5G and wondering who it’s for.

5G is nowhere near ready in my opinion and £100 more gets you a better phone and £100 less gets you something not too dissimilar.

As far as I can tell the only reason to buy one would be you have a £499 budget and want a better camera experience with the ultra wide. The 4a 5G (sigh) shares the same camera as the Pixel 5 adding the ultra wide lens which to be fair is fun to play with but not at £100 cost. It also shares the same processor as the Pixel 5 but I can’t imagine you’ll notice much difference in normal day to day tasks.

For me I’d avoid it completely. Either save £100 and get the 4a or save a little more and get the £599 Pixel 5.

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