Should you get the Pixel 4a or the Pixel 5?

I’m thinking about making a switch over to Android for a bit, using non Apple services for the last week or so has really opened my eyes to other ways of working. The only thing that keeps me on iPhone now is family sharing, iMessage and the camera. Looking over at the options on Android I’m seeing two potentials

  • Pixel 4a (£349)
  • Pixel 5 (£599)

I’m now wondering how to the 5 justifies it’s increase in cost over the cheaper 4a given they both pretty much look the same.

Here’s what you’re getting for an extra £250 if you pick the Pixel 5

  • 5G – bit early in my opinion to be worried about missing out on 5G, especially given we aren’t out and about so much anymore
  • Larger 6″ display with smaller bezels – this is a nice upgrade
  • Faster display refresh rate – a nice upgrade
  • Larger battery – definitely a nice to have
  • Same main camera but an added ultra wide angle – personally I never use the one I have on the 11 Pro but if you want more camera options then this’ll be nice to play with
  • Faster processor leading to an extra year of promised Android updates
  • Wireless charging – I’ve never really gotten into it, I’m ok skipping this
  • Water resistant – definitely a nice upgrade

I was pretty much settled on going for the cheaper 4a but now I’ve gone through this I’ll be saving some more pennies and looking at the Pixel 5.

If you’re on a budget that you can’t move from then the Pixel 4a is still a great device and probably the best value in phones at the moment.

Get the Pixel 4a

Get the Pixel 5

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