Eero: some first impressions

I thought I’d put up a small post to let you know about my first impressions of the Eero 3 pack that I picked up on sale (£149 instead of £249).

So, packing is excellent – it’s well laid out, minimal and easy to recycle.

You get the 3 Eero, an Ethernet cable (to plug the first one into your existing router) and the power cables.

You just download the Eero app and that’s it pretty much, it steps you through the instructions step by step. The first one took about 10 minutes to get going then the two additional took about 10 mins each (needed a system update) but half an hour later and we’ve sorted the WiFi in the house.

I live in a town house and put an Eero on each of the floors to give us maximum coverage. My PS4 and Apple TV now getting the fastest WiFi I’ve seen and where I couldn’t even use the WiFi for work I can now and at full speed. I’m planning on plugging Ethernet into the PS4 and Apple TV later once the cables come through but with the speeds I’m seeing it’s literally double what I had before.

The only bug that I’m seeing so far is within the App itself. It works great to setup the devices but it doesn’t seem to be consistent at knowing what is connected so this is a little annoying but I’ll dig into this a bit more soon, no need to worry about it for now.

I’ll report back as I do some more testing, I don’t feel the need to write up any how to’s as the app is really good at helping you through it.

(Don’t forget to use ‘forget existing network’ in iOS settings to stop your devices connecting to your broadband router, you only need to connect to the Eero).

Here’s the package I picked up.

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