Will Apple embrace custom home screens?

I’m loving all of the creativity I’m seeing with people customising their iPhone’s now with iOS 14. Between widgets and icon customisation it’s inspiring to see the positivity that is around at the moment when you look for it. To be honest, it’s been a nice distraction from everything happening in the world and my personal life.

Two things stand out to me.

Custom icons/fonts

I’ve got a Samsung as an Android phone in work and it lets you change the system font everywhere, I feel this is a step too far for me but could see people loving it on iOS. The other place is app icons, yes you can do it now but it’s via shortcuts so the apps take longer to load. The fact people put up with this shows the interest. I’d love a way to be able to easily change your app icons on iOS. I’m not sure Apple will do it as part of iOS but could make shortcuts a bit friendlier with them.

The sad looking iPad Home Screen

When I go back to my iPad it just seems old and sad now. I’m looking at all of that space and wondering why Apple decided not to embrace the same customisation on it. Widgets are locked away in a little box on the left and seem less useful. I’m hoping Apple realises this and give us an iPadOS 14.3 with this option enabled but knowing Apple I don’t see the iPad getting these for a few years if ever.


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