The best minimal digital watch

After returning the series 6 Apple Watch I’ve been looking to simplify things a little and disengage with so much technology. I’m on so many screens between my phone and the day job I wanted to go back to a simpler time and not worry about tracking everything about what I’m doing throughout the day. My series 2 is a great step tracker but I don’t want to track steps anymore. I’ll still try to keep a habit of walking daily but I’m taking a break from fitness tracking.

This led me to looking at my little collection of digital and analogue watches and wondering what I should use.

I wanted something simple, an easy to read display, a timer and light. There was only one choice – Casio F-91w.

These watches are classic, based on the same ones I wore in the 80’s. It’s so light you forget you’re wearing it. The only area it gets let down is the terrible light but I can live with that. At less than £15 I can’t complain.

There are other Casio’s which I’d recommend like the AE1200, another favourite of mine and has a better light.

I just keep coming back to this watch, I love its design and simplicity.

Check out F-91w on Amazon

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