iPhone 11 Pro, a year later

I’ve been using my 11 Pro for over a year now and it struck me that it doesn’t feel that long and is still a great phone to get. I’m on my second one, due to dust under the lens that Apple replaced but I see no need to upgrade – it’s a solid choice. You’ll also start to see used models on the market and it might be worth a look instead of going for any new models.

The good

  • The camera is still great in all conditions. It’ll never replace the DSLR for air shows and big days out but everything else is covered. When I could go out places I’d mostly only take the iPhone. The biggest improvements with this one is indoors and low light. I’ve been impressed with how good it’s been as a general camera taking shots indoors and family situations. I love the 2x zoom but never use the ultra wide.
  • Battery is amazing, hardly think about charging and it would be hard to switch to another device that doesn’t last all day no matter what I’m doing.
  • The finish is nice, I don’t use a case and love the matte glass finish along with the midnight green. Sure I’d love a modern take on the 5c, but we both know that’s never going to happen.

The bad

  • I constantly struggle with FaceID and hope Apple can look at the iPad Air and bring over the TouchID home button.
  • Lack of USB-C is becoming an annoyance for me. My laptop. iPad and games console all charge with it but I have to keep lightning around to charge my iPhone.
  • The screen is brittle, very susceptible to scratching. Since the iPhone X the quality of glass has been terrible and every iPhone I’ve had since had picked up a load of screen scratching. This doesn’t bother me but if you are bothered by it put on a screen protector as soon as you unbox it.

Next upgrade

I’m trying to be better on the environment and intend to skip this years model. When I see TouchID and USB-C I’ll be ready to upgrade. I think if the rumours are true aside from flat sides and a potential new colour the iPhone 12 will be ok to skip over.

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