Changing my mind on the PlayStation 5 (maybe) and looking at the Xbox Series X

Since preordering the PS5 I’ve been asking myself have I done the right thing? I’ve owned both PlayStation and Xbox over the years but gravitated to PlayStation for Uncharted and because that’s where my friends are. I hardly play online with my friends these days and there’s no new Uncharted in sight so why have I preordered the PS5?

Well the titles I’ve seen in the announcement videos all look great but I’m not sure at this point what are console exclusives.

It’s also got me looking at our existing PS4 Pro and thinking actually Miles Morales and Horizon are both coming out for it and I have PSVR, which I know work fine with it. 2021 is probably the best time to look not now for getting a feel for the game exclusives and which era console they are playable on.

I’m also looking at the £70 game costs and thinking I can’t actually afford to buy that many games, especially at launch. I might end up getting the PS5 and just being able to play anything I’ve already bought plus the collection as part of the PS5 Plus membership. All older games that I can already play, some in 4K HDR.

Now, the Xbox Series X is interesting to me because at £28 a month I can get both the console and a game pass, meaning I don’t actually have to buy any games. Over time I think this is the most sensible option, maybe get a PS5 once my Pro is out of date but go Xbox for next gen.

I love Halo and really want to play flight simulator without buying a PC. The Bethesda buy out also throws a spanner in the works as they have great exclusives and I love Doom.

Given stock levels I’m not rushing into this one plus I need to focus on full time employment before committing to a monthly payment plan but I can see a series X in my future the more I think of it.


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