Apple Watch Series 6 review: not a must have upgrade

If you’re rushed for time here’s the summary

  • If you love the Apple Watch and use it every day and you are on a series 3 or lower then look at a series 5
  • If you’re on a series 4 or 5 don’t upgrade
  • If you use the Apple Watch as a basic fitness tracker or not all the time stick with what you have

That’s how I feel after using one for a week and why I’ll be sticking with my series 2.

This isn’t to say the series 6 is a bad upgrade it’s just that in the current climate with uncertainty around job security and if we take a more ethical approach to our tech this really isn’t an upgrade most of us need.

What’s new?

Well the main is

  • Blood/Oxygen sensor
  • Brighter always on display

In my testing neither of these are a reason to upgrade. The sensor isn’t as reliable as a cheaper finger based one (I tested both over the course of this week) and the always on display, which nice to have isn’t a must. If you want to get almost there then look at a refurbished series 5 and buy a £20 blood oxygen monitor.

But it really does come down to your watch usage. I get away with the series 2 because I’m not doing things like dictation or using apps on my watch, I see it as an activity tracker not an extension to my iPhone. I turn off all notifications as I find it overwhelming and literally only glance at the screen for time and seeing how many steps I’m up to.

If you’re an Apple Watch devotee then I still think you’ll be ok with the series 5, if you really want an always on display. You’ll save some cash and make use of another device before it gets forgotten and sent to be binned, it’s better to reuse than buy of course.

In terms of blood oxygen then I think until Apple gets approval and creates a proactive way to let you know if it finds something to check out I feel it isn’t of much use. Tracking overnight can help identify issues but you need to know what you’re looking for and to be honest based on my testing I’m not sure I’d trust it just yet. Apple states it isn’t a medical device so this leads me (as someone that doesn’t like uncertainty) to think that even Apple aren’t sure what to do with it yet. Further medical studies will help them with this but I wouldn’t buy a series 6 for this feature, it isn’t full baked yet.

So, there it is my feelings are that there is no need to feel compelled to upgrade to the series 6.

(I will say that I loved and will miss the red though).

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