Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 2 in 2020?

If you’re reading my blog you’ll see I use a series 2 still in 2020 and for my use that’s fine. Here’s why I’m still ok using it and you might be too, especially if like me you’re on a budget.

As a step tracker and workout monitor

I use the series 2 along with the app Pedometer++ to see how I’m getting on throughout the day. I like to get my steps in as I’m trying to get more active. I also use a Casio GBA800 to track steps so I tend to swap between them. If you want a step tracker and a way to monitor how far you’ve walked then the series 2 is still great.

Battery life

I easily get through a day even with one or sometimes two 40 minute workouts. I don’t sleep track though so you’ll need to pop on the charger to make sure you get through it. I usually end up the day with between 20% and 40%.

Improving performance

As I said the performance is still ok but if you’re finding it slow go into settings on the watch and turn on reduce transparency and motion. This’ll significantly speed up the interface.

You might not need always on

The newer watches always on is nice but it’s not actually that great in operation. All it’s really doing is dimming the screen so it’s like the brightness has been reduced.

They’re cheap now

I’ve seen them for less than £80 and for that price you’re much better off getting a series 2 over a Fitbit of Apple Watch knock off. Unless you’re on Android of course.

What do you think? Are you still using a series 2?

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