Apple Watch Series 2 vs Series 6

As you know I’ve been testing the series 6 against my series 2 this week and I’ve decided that I’m going to return the series 6 and keep my series 2 going. I’ve had my series 2 for over 1000 days now and want to keep it going as long as possible. This coupled with a change in finances and unreliable features in the series 6 has made it a pretty easy decision in the end. I did change my mind a few times but no it’s going back and I’ll keep my money.

Screen differences

I won’t lie, the screen size on the series 6 is amazing compared to the series 2 and the always on display is nice but not amazing if I’m honest, especially as someone that’s a fan of watches. The always on display just dims it, I still have to look a couple of times to see what the time is. I don’t check the time all day so raising or flipping my wrist to see it is totally fine.


The series 6 wipes the floor with the series 2. If you’re a heavy watch user then you’ll love the improvement. For me as someone that wears it as part of the rotation of my other watches it’s fine as long as I’ve turned off transparency and reduced motion in settings. I only use it as a step tracker so I’m good. As a general fitness tracker the series 2 performance is fine for most people.

As a wellness device

Remember the Apple Watch isn’t a medical device and should be thought of as a wellness tracker. The addition of the blood oxygen just isn’t good enough right now, you’re better off getting a finger sensor one. They are less than £20 and much more reliable. The sensor on the Apple Watch isn’t quite ready yet with my testing being less than inspiring and doesn’t give me confidence it’s accurate.

The series 2 has the same heart alerts as the series 6.

Battery life

I found whilst my series 2 gets a lot hotter when charging, they get about the same battery life time in my testing.

  • I wear it all day
  • I don’t sleep track
  • I try to do one workout a day

Being more responsible to the environment

The best thing you can do is follow reduce, reuse and recycle, for me I’m reducing by not keeping it. It goes back and gets sold again as a refurb, yes I could have done better not buying it in the first place, but baby steps. I really do want to keep my current devices going as long as possible.

The series 6 isn’t a compelling upgrade

Unless you are an early adopter I’d say this isn’t a must upgrade at all. The new features are unreliable and especially if you’re on a series 4 then don’t think about the upgrade. Be happy with what you have and don’t feel like you’re missing out.


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