Should you upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 6?

I’ve been testing the new Apple Watch Series 6 since launch, in particular putting it up against my Series 2. I’ve had my series 2 for over 1000 days now and it still works like a champ. I get good battery and as a general fitness tracker it still does the job. So, I’m returning the Series 6 and ultimately decided that I couldn’t justify the cost of owning it when I look at my use case, especially in the current financial climate.

What is your use case?

For me it comes down to just making sure I’m keeping active, going on a walk each day and the rings are a nice motivator. I also go weeks not wearing it and going back to a Casio or Seiko. The extra sensors and functionality cause me anxiety and I get lost in looking at data and checking how I’m doing, the series 2 is a much simpler device in my eyes now and I’m good with that.

Always on display

It’s good but not great if you love a traditional watch. I find all it does is dims, like someone has turned down the brightness. If you are a daily Apple Watch wearer this might be enough but for me I can live without it.

Battery life

Believe it or not but in my testing the series 2 is getting better battery life than the series 6. Now the series 2 is less complicated and on watchOS 6 so kind of makes sense but it’s strange a 3 year old battery beats it.

Bigger screen

My eyes aren’t great and the bigger screen has been nice but I don’t really interact with my watch throughout the day. I use my phone to still run apps and literally just glance at my watch to see the time or I start a workout. If you use the screen on the watch a lot then consider the upgrade.

Blood Oxygen Monitor

In my testing it’s not fully baked and I feel you’re better off buying a finger tip sensor one for less than £20. It’s 50/50 whether it’ll take a reading and doesn’t (yet) do anything proactive. Don’t upgrade just to get this, maybe in six months check again but for now it’s not a reason to upgrade.

Overall thoughts

I think if you love your Apple Watch and are on a series 3 or lower then this’ll be a great update. If like me you use it maybe 60% of the time and just want to track basic activity then stick with what you have or go for a series 3 or used series 4.


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