It is worth getting a PS5 on launch day?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot since I preordered. At launch there is rarely a great amount of games to play? Usually one of two system sellers but how does it look for PS5? Should you wait until 2021 to see how the launch went?

Well for me it’s even more complicated by the fact we have a PS4 Pro that can already do 4K HDR.

There are two main reasons to have at launch for me

  • Spider-Man Miles Morales – yes it’s on PS4 too but I want it in the highest fidelity I can
  • PlayStation Plus collection – I missed out on a lot of these games and I’ll get them for free as part of my already running PS Plus subscription

Check out PS5 launch titles here.

So I’m keeping my digital preorder in so I can play Spider-Man but also do a review as I’m not on any PlayStation PR list and want to get the info out. (If anyone needs a freelancer let me know).

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