Dropping ads and offering site sponsorship

My site has been something I’ve done no matter what but with a change in finances and day job I want to see how well it can support my efforts to go freelance, so I hope you are ok with the sudden posts or links to help support me.


Wordads are the worst, I added them as an experiment but found they made my site look so bad to my eyes I dropped them completely. I didn’t make enough to pay for anything and they had a negative effect on the experience of visiting my site.


I’m a fairly small site compared to the more well known tech bloggers but I have a very engaged audience. I get a lot of nice feedback on my writing and I like to think I help others out. I’ve now created a sponsorship page where you can help support the site and highlight your app or product to an engaged audience of likeminded tech enthusiasts. You can see all of information over on the sponsorship page.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please contact me if you are interested.

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