Why I ordered the digital only PlayStation 5

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about which next gen console to get. I’ve owned every PlayStation released and tend to gravitate more towards their exclusives (Uncharted is one of my favourite series of all time) but have owned the original Xbox and 360 mainly for Halo.

I’ve also been thinking about whether I need a disc based system or not. I’m also on a budget so I’m price sensitive this time around.

So first off PS5 vs Xbox?

This isn’t a general comment, it’s me specifically. Watching both keynotes again I’m just more interested in the variety of games that PS5 offers me. Aside from a love for PS exclusives like God of War I like that there is a huge selection and a big variance in the types of games on the system. Looking over at Xbox it’s only really Halo I’m missing out on.


On seeing the £359 digital price I jumped to order. Less than £400 was my budget for a next gen and with PS5 at this price it was a no brainer for me. I know Xbox Series S is £100 cheaper but I don’t get a console anywhere near as powerful as the PS5 and I don’t get 4K HDR. This is where PS5 is going to hurt Xbox I feel, I don’t see the disc version selling as many units as digital.

3 reasons

When it came down to it there were three reasons for me ordering the digital version.

Streaming services

When I’ve had PlayStation in the past they have been used to play DVD’s but these days I think I own maybe 3 blu-ray’s and no DVD’s. I watch all of my content streamed via the Apple TV, be it Disney+, YouTube or iTunes. I have no reason to own anything that plays discs from a movie perspective.

Keeping the PS4

We are going to keep the PS4 Pro around so we make sure that we have our older non PS5 compatible ones and there is a disc player for emergencies. My daughter has a couple of disc based games she still plays so given I probably wouldn’t get much on trade we’ll keep it around. It also gets used for PSVR and I’m not sure how compatible the accessories are with PS5.

Online discounts

All of the games I’ve bought in last few years have been digital. I’m inpatient which doesn’t help and I like to play on day one. I also like to use my PSN membership to get the free monthly games and any discounts. I’ve found now that I wait a few months and even the top tier games get discounted.

So here are my reasons, what are you looking to do?

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