The Apple services bundle

It’s rumoured we’ll see an Apple One bundle announced today, combining TV+, News, Arcade and Music. To me this makes complete sense as selling them all separately can’t be doing that well amongst the general public. As someone watching their outgoings I’m also realising how expensive their services are.

But I’d like to see another bundle, one similar to above but includes storage tiers.

I’m switching to Google Photos free at the moment as I can’t justify the £6.99 storage, especially when there is no 500GB for £3.99 plan. I’m using 300GB but have to move to the 2TB plan because there is no middle ground.

Google lets me store all of my photos and video in high resolution for free. Apple just can’t compete here.

Do you think they should? I do.

Offering a free photo tier (at a lower resolution) would be a big win, especially in these uncertain times. It would be a big win for its users and experience. I see a lot of people who don’t back up their photos on iPhone just because they don’t want to pay for storage so install Google Photos and move over. This means they are more likely to switch to Android in the future. Even me, as someone following Apple a lot is looking over at the Pixel line these days. Now my photos are going to be cross platform I’m tempted to move.

What do you think?

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