A new type of Apple hardware keynote and what to expect

It’s a new keynote for Apple today, just like WWDC 2020 it’ll be pre-recorded and not live. Personally I enjoyed the way the WWDC one went and I’m hoping for the same.

It’s also the first one in a while where I’m not sure what’s actually going to be announced.

Lots of rumours but at 90 minutes I don’t see this just being a watch and iPad event. The tags that are rumoured but I don’t see happening especially in this age where we aren’t going out that much.

I see iPad, Apple Watch and whilst the rumours aren’t saying iPhone I’m thinking we might see them but I don’t have any sources so not sure. It makes sense even if they aren’t out until next month to just get it all out there, especially if this years isn’t a big change from the 11.

One area I’m thinking replaces iPhone section is services. If there is indeed a bundle coming then it makes sense to get it out there.

Let’s see what happens.

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