Apple gets it wrong on streaming game services, again

Lots of great posts like from Matt and The Verge on these new App Store guidelines around game streaming services. It’s almost like Apple doesn’t actually understand what they are or how they function. I’m perplexed as to how Apple continues to act like a bully with their my way or the highway approach with the App Store, I just can’t understand it.

No way is Microsoft going to release an app in the App Store for each game that exists on it’s streaming platform.

To be honest (finances aside) it’s one of the main reasons I’m holding off on iPhone 12 and Apple apps at the minute, I just don’t have confidence the App Store knows what’s it’s doing. I’m a big gamer outside of my work and streaming services is something I’m really excited for but I won’t be able to use the future of gaming on an iPhone or an iPad and that makes me sad.

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