My predictions for the September 2020 Apple Keynote

There’s not a lot to look forward to at the moment and seeing Apple announcement of a September keynote is a nice distraction to have.

Here’s what I’m hoping we see.

Apple Watch Series 6

I use my Apple Watch on and off and I’m definitely due an upgrade. I use a series 2 and with my usage it serves ok, but it is just ok. It’s slow to use but the battery is still good and it lets me track my steps. I’m not into overly tracking everything about yourself but I could see them adding the blood oxygen sensor as it’s in most other wearables. Having said that you can buy a sensor on its own for less than £20 so it shouldn’t be a reason to upgrade.

What I’d like to see more is a redesign but I can’t see that happening this year. I’ve loved watches from a young age and the Apple Watch just looks boring to me, there’s nothing there these days that shows off great design to me now. They won’t go circular but thinner and flatter or more colours maybe, who knows but I’d like to see a bit of a reinvention.

I’d guess it’ll be exactly the same form factor as the previous models but with an added blood oxygen sensor.

Series 3 stays but gets processor upgrade.


There are rumours of an update on the lower end of the line, this makes sense if that can do it. The base model will stay the same but the Air getting a more Pro design makes sense, along with the ability to use the new pencil and magic keyboard.


No iPhone at this event is the rumour but who knows, I think it would be worth doing if they could even if it’s early. Apple won’t care if it slows current sales and might stop people looking over at Samsung or the Pixel. It’s off my radar this year due to my budget changes but a more iPad Pro design would be pretty great.

Apple tags?

Rumoured but I don’t see them coming this year.

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