The best free productivity apps might be already built in

As I’ve already shared, my day job situation is changing soon and I’m cutting right back on my spending. As I’ve already written about the first place I went was my subscriptions. I had to cut back on everything but essential ones, at the moment that’s iCloud storage only.

I also wrote off Reminders in an earlier post but I’m coming around to it more now.

I’m in a situation where

  • I can’t afford a monthly Todoist subscription
  • I’ve paid already for Things 3 but can’t use the app due to the lack accessibility options
  • OmniFocus is paid for but doesn’t suit my needs anymore, I don’t want to be tethered to having to enter a due time for every item

So I’m left with Apple apps.

I recently reset my iPhone and went straight to iOS 14 and I’ve been using Reminders and Calendar. I’ve done my best not to reinstall any third party to do app. After a few days of using Reminders I’m thinking it’ll be fine, I’ll live with basic if it’s free.

  • I like that I can enter due items by time without having to add a due time
  • I like the widget and it’s reminding me I have due items
  • Sync is great
  • I don’t like that there aren’t right click options on the iPad, it doesn’t make use of the trackpad and keyboard setup

So, there you go I’m back on Reminders and it’s working fine for me in this time of uncertainty and less cash flow.

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