The best way to build your blog is to actually write on it

This is a message I have to keep reminding myself. I’ve put the effort into creating my blog and pay to host and I still have to remember to actually post on it sometimes. Life (especially now) gets in the way of creative projects and with social media as a distraction it gets even harder.

I’ve found that if you’re trying to build a blog and following the best way is to actually put content on there. I know it sounds obvious but try this experiment for one week

  • Write down your current web stats
  • Stop posting to social media
  • Only post links or your thoughts on your blog
  • Check your stats after that week is over

In my experience my traffic has always doubled when I do this. It’s also content on your home not someone else’s platform. It’s fine to share out the links on social but don’t share your opinions, do this on your blog.


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