Is the iPad getting smaller app icons?

Is this an iPadOS 14 bug or a sign of things to come?

Check out the Formula 1 icon, it’s a nice size and more importantly smaller than the usual app icon size on iPadOS. I’m thinking one of two things

  1. This is a beta bug (most likely) and it’ll be corrected in the next version

  2. This could be a preview of what we have to come with the iPad in smaller icons and widgets on the Home Screen. If you scale down the icons you’ll have more space to play with and I have to think that internally Apple are playing with widgets on the Home Screen of an iPad. Personally I want them to trust us to use them and bring widgets to the Home Screen on the iPad like we do on iPhone and can position them anywhere rather than in their little prison on the left hand side.

What do you think?

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