How iOS 14 is helping my productivity

I’ve been switching between iOS 13 and 14 a lot this summer and what always brings me back despite my iPhone almost catching fire every time I run 14 is the productivity improvements I’m seeing.

Here’s my current Home Screen and for me it’s almost perfect, I get what I need from glanceable information to help keep me on track for the day.

  • I have my calendar items as a reminder every time I unlock my phone
  • I see the to do items I have due today via Todoist
  • I’m trying to lose 14lbs and tracking my steps is a big factor in this so I can now see how many I’ve done using HealthView

The apps I keep on there are my most used and the second page goes straight to the App Library.

I honestly haven’t felt this productive on iOS since it’s launch, it brings me back to my Nokia N95 and the OS feature that I’ve always missed, having my Calendar and to do on the main screen.

You unlock your iPhone many times a day, having these new widgets in your eyes balls as the first thing you see is a game changer for someone like me that forgets things very easily.

They also act as a shortcut to the app if I want to load the app and not have the app icon taking up space. I still have Todoist there in the dock but the calendar now rarely gets a use with the larger Apple one at the very top showing me today’s events.

I love iOS 14 so far and I’m even more excited for third party options when it comes to widgets.

(If any devs are reading this please send me though those beta invites).


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