Using an Apple Watch Series 2 as a step tracker

I know I’ve written something similar before but with my impending job loss and deteriorating mental health I wanted something to kick start a walking routine so that I can at least do what I can to help myself through this period. I returned the series 5 I owned briefly and I’ve gotten the series 2 out of the drawer and got some new thoughts on it.

Contrary to what I said previously I think if you’re after a basic step tracker then the series 2 will be fine. All I’m after is something to make sure I’m working towards 10,000 steps a day.

It’s not working with my iPhone 100% in terms of apps as I’m using iOS 14 and my series 2 can’t run the watchOS beta but for basic step counting and workout tracking it still works fine.

I’ve turned off all notifications and still trying to treat it like my Casio I.e. not obsess over the health data it’s giving me but just think of it as a FitBit.

I’m not even monitoring my activity rings daily, if I hit them ok or if I don’t ok no worries.

If you want to use your watch as a second iPhone to manage apps and notifications the series 2 isn’t for you but for the kind of tracking I’ve described above it’s still great.

I’ve owned this Watch now for over 3 years and it’s still going strong. Minimal wear on the screen and the battery still lasts all day.

I’ve set aside some cash for a new Apple Watch or Android phone this year so I’ll have to see how it goes in terms of keeping using it but I’m tempted to run this series 2 into the ground and see how long I can make it last.

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