Wishing for smaller iOS 14 widgets

On testing iOS 14 a few things stand out but the main one is how widgets have improved my productivity. I’m planning on a bigger post for this one but for now just know that it’s the fact I can see my calendar and to do items every time I unlock my phone or go to my Home Screen, it’s a game changer for me.

It got me thinking though how much space they take up, roughly 4 app icons for the smallest. This still feels too big to me, I’d like some information smaller.

What I mean is that if we say changed them so we had a compact view of say 2 app icons instead we could still show things like battery life without having to take up a larger 4 icon space.

Imagine in this image, photos and Mail are replaced by a widget taking up their space showing battery percentage left.

Got any things on this one?


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