My iOS 13 setup

I’ve been on and off the betas almost weekly but after my iPhone getting ridiculously hot again on the latest beta I gave up. I’m back on iOS 13 and plan to stay that way until iOS 14 is officially released. Home screen widgets are good but not enough for me at the moment to run unstable software, especially with the current job hunting.

Here’s my apps on my first page, I won’t share the others as they are just dumped anywhere.

  • OmniFocus, yes I’m here again and already feeling more organised. I like the app layout and customisation options.
  • Moderation, a simple way to track my eating habits as I try to lose 14lbs.
  • DayCount, to help me track my habits and keep streaks of how long I’ve owned certain things. If you’re interested I can do a video or post on this one.

I don’t think anything else is new.

Here’s my widget view. I’ve really gotten into Siri App Suggestions one these days as a quick way to launch apps.

Wallpaper is courtesy of Chris Lawley.

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