Saving money on your technology

I’m really needing to watch my finances now and it’s so easy to forget about or not frequently review your monthly outgoings when it comes to technology if you’re anything like me. When I knew exactly what I’d be having coming in each month I was a bit too relaxed about but in these current times I’ve done a review and saved quite a bit just by looking at my tech.

Your phone call plan

I’d been paying £25 a month for unlimited data and calls etc but when I looked at my usage I’m only around 5GB a month. I managed to switch to an 8GB a month plan for £9! Saving me over £15 a month. Have a good think about your actual usage and see if there’s a better deal out there.

App and cloud subscriptions

This is where I was spending the most. I’ve recently switched over to Google services more and more so this had potential. I’d been paying for lots of apps and have cancelled everything apart from Todoist, which I paid yearly for and have it running for a couple more months.

I moved all of my photos from iCloud to the Google Photos free storage option. This is fine as you get 16GB per image and 1080p for video. I’m not planning on printing anything large or publish any video. This has removed the need for a £6.99 a month iCloud plan and dropped it to 0.79p, nice saving there of over £6.

I’m not currently in a position to support any membership schemes currently.


I’ve cancelled Apple Music as this was £14.99 a month. I’m still deciding what to do but I think I’ll most probably play my Music I’ve bought via the music app and use free Spotify. I’ll have to see how this one pans out when my subscription runs out. There’s also Google Music but I have no idea what’s the current state of play with that service, something to add to my to do list.


I cancelled Apple TV+ already, nothing on there for me and wanted to make sure I didn’t get charged.

Netflix was cancelled ages ago and don’t really miss it.

Prime also cancelled and don’t miss it.

Disney+ has been paid up front for the year but with my love of Star Wars and the upcoming Obi Wan series this’ll continue. I’m excited for all of the Marvel and Star Wars content coming more than the films so will be a must.

NOWTV has been cancelled. This one was £33 a month to watch my favourite sport – Formula 1. In the UK we don’t have many options thanks to SKY but I’ll have to go back to BBC Radio coverage and highlights on C4.


As of now I’ve got two things on my shopping list, a Nest WiFi and Pixel 4a and I’m not sure if I’ll order depending on how my finances are looking. As I’m getting older I’m getting less interested in getting the latest and greatest. I won’t be dropping £1000 on an iPhone 12 or whatever it turns out to be this year. I have problems with Apples current bullying tactics and to be honest no phone is worth that. I’m more interested in the mid range as there’s a lot to take a look at. My plan here is to not go iOS this year and to pick up a Pixel or Android phone of some sort so I can gain some more perspective into a different ecosystem. I also think it’ll give me something different to write about.

I’m glad I bought a 2020 iPad Pro before my job situation changed, I’m all sorted on that front.

My current Apple Watch is a Series 2 and hardly use it so that’s not a concern for me.

What tips do you have around your tech savings?

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