Lost trust in (and deleting) Apple Reminders

I’ve been switching to do apps a lot whilst testing iOS 14 (I’m back on iOS 13 BTW) and I’ve finally decided to dump Apple Reminders – why?, we have trust issues.

You’re lying to me

You can see from this screenshot it doesn’t have a clue, no items in my database but it’s reporting 3. I rely on counts to see the number of items I have to do on a given day, this is fundamental and it hasn’t been working consistently.

Pushing iCloud

iCloud is something for me that look to work but as soon as you push it a bit it breaks or shows it’s weakness. I’ve been creating and deleting items since testing and I’m finding that repeating reminders that I deleted don’t appear in the app anymore still come through on their due date. I’ve had to just keep deleting them when they come back. My remedy to this is to delete the Reminders app and pretend they don’t exist, which doesn’t work if you wear an Apple Watch occasionally like me.

Out of sync

Across my iOS devices it’s ok, macOS shows items and my watch is months out of date. So all of my devices (apart from iPad/iPhone) don’t match up.

So ultimately I’ve deleted Reminders everywhere I can and I’m now testing Things 3.

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