An iPhone home screen with purpose

2020 continues to throw stuff at us and for me another one that’s coming my way is losing my day job and starting to job hunt. With this comes more stress and apps to help with both my physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve realised that looking at my home screen now it’s a reflection of purpose and how I’m feeling. I’ve also adjusted my budget and you won’t find many subscriptions anymore.

  • Sticking with stock Calendar app, it’s free and does the job
  • Photos, I’m paying £6.99 a month for iCloud so I’m keeping my images there for now
  • FaceTime, I do more FaceTime calls than ever
  • Mail, free and does the job
  • Notes, as above
  • Activity, I have strapped my Apple Watch on in a bid to help me lose some weight and get more active
  • WorryTree, Moodpath and Calm are all about mental health and keeping myself in check
  • DayOne to journal my day, not paying a subscription. Keep it all local.
  • Slack, Tweetbot and Apollo to help me keep in touch with friends and info relevant to me (I don’t check the mainstream news)
  • Overcast, whilst I’ve trimmed down my podcasts I do still have it on there when I’m travelling in the car (obviously doesn’t happen much at the moment)
  • Music, cancelled my Apple Music subscription and just listen to the music I already own
  • Halide, darkroom for photography
  • WordPress, I’m sticking to blogging
  • Moderation to keep a simple track of if I’m eating health or not
  • Reeder for RSS
  • LinkedIn for my job searching

How’s your home screen? Does it match your current mood?

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