A Pixel 4a running iOS

The more I see the Google Pixel 4a the more I look over in envy. As much as I like the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro I hate the size and construction. Two of my favourite iPhones were the 5c and 7 in jet black, both either made of plastic or felt like it. I hate cases but even though I resist using one it feels like I almost drop this one weekly.

Thinking about my dream iPhone it would be the 7 in jet black with modern cameras. Actually if the SE 2020 had the 2x zoom it would be my phone of choice at the moment.

That got me thinking about how great the Pixel 4a (my current hardware want) running iOS 14 (my current favourite mobile OS) would be. It’ll obviously never happen but it’s a fun thought experiment. When I owned a 3a I loved the hardware but couldn’t get on with using Android on a daily basis. Plastic hardware and back mounted finger print sensor it was a joy to use everyday and reminded me a lot of the 5C.

So this is a ramble but just wanted to share my thoughts on what I’d love to be using as my daily phone

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