Why I stopped trusting iCloud

iCloud i thought had been reliable just letting it work away in the background but when I started to look at clearing down my data to reduce my plan I rediscovered some of the old trust issues I used to have with it.


A big part of my storage is photos. I started there and using Photos on the Mac I started to go through and remove ones I didn’t want to keep. I reduced it by 20,000 in the end but when I did I found

  • Duplicates
  • An altered non ordered timeline


This is biggest issue for me and the main reason for this post. Reviewing the Files app and iCloud Drive it doesn’t hang together.

Day One is showing as 23.2GB but when I look at the data.

It’s 1.2 GB. This is a big chunk I can claim back but I can’t. Even when saving this backup off and deleting data it doesn’t do anything.

Here’s another one where GarageBand is 700 MB but you drill in and there are no files whatsoever.

I just want it to be like an external drive I access.


The only real alternative is Google Drive for me so I’m going to give it a test. It’s also cheaper for the 200GB plan so I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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