Using Google apps on the iPhone

I’m really experimenting with my setup at the moment and with me losing some faith in iCloud I’m making use of the Google Drive space I got for free to help me save some money. Now I’m in a different position work and money wise I’m really looking at using free services and Apple services are suddenly looking out of my budget for the time being. I think I got a free 10 GB with helping maps or something but either way I’ve got 15 GB to use.

The apps seem good so far and unlike the Microsoft ones I tested I could log in on the first try.

The plan is to put my photos into Google Photos via my Mac then start to let my iPhone upload.

Sheets and Keep are good Pages and Notes replacements for my use.

The Google Calendar widget is why I use that app.

Hangouts is where I chat to all my Android friends.

Todoist is on its way out as a way to reduce my subscription costs.

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