Don’t forget to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

I was checking my subscriptions and I have to admit that I completely forgot I had a free trial of Apple TV+. Mine ran out in October but I went ahead and cancelled. I’d like me you had that free trial you might want to check when it runs out or you’ll be charged.

The content is pretty hidden in the Apple TV interface but I did try to watch some of the shows but ultimately they couldn’t compete with the other content I’m paying for. The only ones we really consistently watched were the kids ones. Snoopy was good and watching old Fraggle Rock never gets old but I couldn’t see anything on there that kept my attention. Amazing Stories I thought had potential but didn’t really grab me and Defending Jacob was a bit dark for 2020 me.

I guess for me it comes down to mood, I’ll sit and watch anything Star Wars or Marvel to take my mind off life, nothing on Apple TV+ grabbed me.

Maybe I’ll come back so will keep an eye on it to make sure I’m not missing out but for now I’m out.

(And yes, since I’ve cancelled using the Apple TV app for the other content suddenly has a load of advertisements for Apple TV+).


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