The iPhone 11 Pro screen is its biggest durability problem

I usually do a little report in how my devices hold up as I use them but when looking at my mostly case less iPhone 11 Pro it struck me that it has the same problem as the X and XS – the screen scratches too easily.

On looking back at my 4, 5, SE and 7 that I still have they are still pretty much perfect but my 11 Pro like the XS and X before it is covered in hairline scratches.

Now these don’t have an affect on viewing but I can see them when the screen is off and feel them with my fingernail.

Very strange that since the notch came along the screens got more brittle. I’m not brave enough to test durability on a drop. Maybe they scratch easier but are more resistant to breaking when dropped, I’m not sure.

The sides of the phone and back glass is pretty much the same as when I got it almost a year ago.

I’ve dropped it on concrete a couple of times and it’s held up very well.

If you hate wear and tear on your screen then a protector is a must on any iPhone past the X, with the exception of the 2020 SE, which had the more scratch resistant glass of the 7.

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