Camera improvements are no longer good enough for an iPhone upgrade

It’s that time of year where I’d normally be looking forward to seeing what the next iPhone looks like but with the current global situation and also some personal financial changes it’s got me thinking – are camera improvements enough to warrant a £1000 iPhone purchase?

I know the rumours point to a slight redesign this year but with most people putting it in a case I don’t think it’s as important as it once was. There aren’t a lot of us that use their devices without a case or even appreciate it’s design, I think every iPhone I see is stuck in a plastic prison.

The last few upgrades for me have been about the camera. I don’t like FaceID but it’s the draw of the telephoto that’s keeps me on an 11 Pro (If an SE had zoom I wouldn’t think twice, I’d be getting one ASAP). The 11 Pro is in my mind the best camera I’ve ever used in a phone. Even putting it up against my Canon 70D in certain lighting conditions it beats it. Where it falls short is the cropped detail in lower light and zoom.

I genuinely feel we have now reached the peak for this form factor. I can’t justify an upgrade if all we see are some minor camera updates. For a justified £1000 upgrade I want to see something significant, be it Apple’s take on a folding screen or a 10x optical zoom but with money being tighter and no job security the best approach (and Apple has done with this with the SE) is for manufacturers to make really good £300-£600 phones. I can see the market being sat here for a while and value for money is where it’s at.

This is were Apple is king with the SE and at least for me I’m interested to see how Apple are going to cater for a changing market. Samsung seem to have lost the plot with their £1000 and £2000 phones this year and I think this price point with the addition of the pixel has it’s best shot at making some headway to showing manufacturers we can’t afford £900+ anymore.

How are you feeling about your purchase plans this year?

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