Budgeting for your passion projects

As you most probably know I make no income from my passion projects. I gave up trying to make a career out of writing a long time ago be it freelancing or my own stuff.

With this in mind on a recent review I realised I was spending too much on my passion projects, especially in light of 2020. I’d been spending money on Micro.Blog, WordPress, domain renewals and hosting.

I needed to set myself a budget in light of several things happening at the moment that affect my finances. I decided I couldn’t afford to continue over at Micro.Blog, I dropped renewals on several domains and dropped all of my podcast hosting.

The only budget I have for my passion project, this blog is the £40 a year for my WordPress site.

In terms of products to review or write about, well I’ve set aside some money to potentially pick up an iPhone SE or Google Pixel to write about but I’m hanging onto this for now as I’m not sufficiently interested in picking one up before iPhone announcements.

Other expenses are apps and accessories. I do have some contacts to get accessories but with the current climate these have all gone quiet for me. Apps I can pick up for review as they would be free or minimal costs.

So, if you have a passion project be careful and don’t be like me in terms of running ahead and not sitting back and actually realising how much it’s costing you monthly.

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