Apple cuts itself off from the future of gaming

I can see some reason behind this move but wow what a miss. Streaming games in my opinion is blatantly the future of gaming and to not have it on your platform is a big mistake. A large proportion of people wanting to play games in the future aren’t going to want to buy a new console every few years, let alone the £60 for every game. I’ve been a gamer since the 80’s and even I’m holding back with the price of entry.

This is on top of not allowing Microsoft xCloud highlights the worry I have about Apple’s hubris that like the Jedi in the Star Wars prequels might end up being their downfall.

It might seem wild to say this but young people coming into the market will be swayed off a platform for this kind of reason. iPhone and iPad will be the devices your folks use, like Facebook has become to the younger generation. This really is a chance for Android, they need to capitalise on it and start heavily marketing to the younger generation.

I’ve been excited about these streaming gaming platforms and even as an iPad guy I’m starting to hold back on any future purchases in the Apple ecosystem if we are going to see moves like this.

If I were Microsoft I’d be looking at moves to take Minecraft off iOS, if they want to fight fire with fire.

This is a move Apple absolutely has to review internally but I don’t see changing.

Given Apple Arcade is a thing this may also not help their anticompetitive case but I won’t go any further on that one here.

I’m hoping Apple review this, my next devices may be Android ones.


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