My iPad writing workflow (2020)

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008 and over the years now I think back on it my workflow hasn’t really changed that much. I’ve tried lots of different workflows and apps but like back in the day where I would write using Safari and WordPress today I am doing the same but via the app.

I did try using IA Writer to publish to the blog but I find that any of the third party apps I use on iOS always result in me being dissatisfied with the way that the post looks in WordPress.

What I’ve found on both my iPad and iPhone is that I just keep it basic and write using the official WordPress app. I can start to write out an idea or a whole post then save as draft to edit later or post now.

The window to type in looks fine, I can see the text clearly and it fits with how my brain works. The only issue with using WordPress is that they seem to want you to use the block editor so you may find with an app update it’s suddenly the default again.

So that’s it, writing/blogging from iOS for me is simply having the WordPress app installed.

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